About us

We want to democratize recommendations in a world where Amazon is using their position to dominate smaller players.

Oliver Edholm

Oliver worked as a senior data scientist at a 500m revenue company. Before that he was a researcher at National University at Singapore and a engineer at Klarna.

Anton Osika

Anton was the first employee at Sana Labs (currently 30+ people) where he spent three years building recommendation systems to personalize education. Before this Anton worked with Physics at CERN and contributed to millions in profit at an algorithmic trading firm.

What we value

Continuous Iteration

Speed is our competitive advantage, we continuously iterate and ship and learn what works and what doesn't

Proving value

If something sounds and looks nice but has no proven impact, we are not done yet

Team goes first

We support each other and make sure everyone is having a good time


We apply 80/20 thinking and always put in the extra effort where it translates to disproportional rewards

We are looking for great people to join our team

Software Engineer

Stockholm / Remote
Full Time

We are a bunch of hackers and team players that make sure that everyone is having a great time. And we are growing rapidly! We are looking for someone who loves solving problems and thrives in a fast moving environment.

Qualifications include:

  • Passionate about everything computers, knows how things work down to the nuts and bolts
  • Participated in Programming or Mathematics Olympiads
  • Industry experience building maintainable systems, Data Engineering and/or Machine Learning

Head of Sales & Operations

Stockholm / Remote
Full Time

We strive to create an e-commerce landscape where all online stores have a fair shot. That's why we create recommender systems that all stores can use - even without Amazon-size sales data reservoirs.
We're a team of dedicated team-players. We work hard & intensively because we really think we can make a difference in something important. Our method for getting there is through relentless shipping continuous iteration.

We raised $2.5M for a couple of days ago. Want to join in?

Who look for someone we can count on to...

  • Own: Outreach to e-commerce stores in the US & Europe – both via email & phone. Engineer professional & impressive meetings with potential & current clients. Ongoing client relationships over email & phone
  • Teach: showing prospective users the gap between what they currently have & what they should have (us!), also consistently managing expectations
  • Learn: What are the contexts that determines when are product performs less well, pretty well & when it kicks the ball out of the park. What kinds of users should we have: what platform do they use, what are their habits etc
  • Improve: Customer response time, our understanding of our users, top-of-the-funnel, and inbound traffic



1 month

Consistently generate meetings with relevant ecommerce stores.

Autonomously have structures & highly succesful meetings with potential & current clients

3 months

Know exactly what customer segments to target & not

Built a more predictible inbound client funnel.

Be able to find the signal in the noise of customer feedback and coordinate with engineering to build that into the product

6 months

Lead hiring & building the team.

Create documentation & other mechanisms to pass on everything you’ve learned to the growing org

Book a meeting with our CEO to find out more: https://calendly.com/oliveredholm

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