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Do you want to join a fast-paced startup and work on the bleeding edge of recommendation systems, where your work immediately impacts the user experience for millions of users? We are looking for an Engineering Manager who thrives in a fast-moving environment.

What you will be doing:

Your mission will be to lead and manage the Expansion Team working on implementing new clients of Depict. This is a super exciting role where no day looks the same!

We need someone who we can count on to:

🙋 Own: Streamline our delivery process. Head up and run our new expansion team – shipping integrations to new customers and improve our processes to deploy, iterate and improve our recommendation systems to constantly make them better.

💻 Teach: What's possible and what's not possible? Tradeoffs between iteration speed and complexity of custom integrations and one-size-fits-all. How to build a system that is a one-click onboarding for new stores to use Depict.

🎒 Learn: Our deployment workflows, data collection best practices, the art and science of third-party javascript as well as efficient architectures for Machine Learning in production.

🚴 Improve: Developer Experience and productivity, time to go live for completely new e-commerce website, iteration speed and robustness of our entire system.

Your profile:

  • You are a developer by heart and thrive in a super techie environment.
  • You see yourself as somewhat of a hustler and can take initiative to hustle a team through any challenge.
  • Previous experience in leading developers, informally or as team-lead.
  • Understanding of key aspects of good project management.
  • Can have a clear vision in the intersection of tech and business.

We expect you to:

  • Keen on taking on leadership and responsibility.
  • Have previous experience in a startup-like environment.
  • Business-focused, keen on understanding what value we are bringing to the clients. - What we are doing

In just a matter of months we, a small team of engineers in Stockholm, have been changing the playing field for recommendation systems in e-commerce – a gigantic market where our competitors are among the largest tech companies to find. And this is just the beginning – we see a path of immense growth ahead of us. As for the next steps, we are starting to look at our international expansion to get into larger markets outside of Sweden – if you are up for a ride of a lifetime, this is your new home!

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