Frontend Engineer

Stockholm office
Full time
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Do you want to join a fast-paced startup and work on the bleeding edge of recommendation systems, where your work immediately impacts the user experience for millions of users?

We’re looking​ for a frontend developer to help to expand our efforts in providing world-class product recommendations to any e-commerce store. You’ll be working with internal state-of-the-art tech that can be used to deploy our service anywhere in 5-minutes.

We need someone to

🙋 Own: Rapid deployments for new customers, using and building upon our micro-frontend deployments technology.
Learn: Architect integrations resilient to minor style changes, optimize loading speeds, and how to hack into popular SPA-frameworks.
Improve: Efficiency and robustness of integrations operating inside evolving environments.

What you will be building

Self-contained JavaScript scripts that add’s AI-functionality to e-commerce websites.

We expect you to know how to

- Write robust Javascript for web browsers
- Design and implement beautiful recommendation surfaces with HTML and CSS

Nice to haves

- Typescript
- Experience using JSX
- Experience with tracking and analytics
- Deep knowledge of how to optimize browser performance
- Having read the book Third-Party Javascript

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