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Are you an experienced Full stacking Developer looking for a position within one of Europes hottest startups? Do you have a minimum of 3 years’+ experiences in Full Stack Development? If so, apply for our new position as a Full Stack Developer to have the chance of joining our growing team in Stockholm.

We need someone who we can count on to

Own: Reliability of JavaScript integrations, scraping jobs and recommendations pipeline. Integrate with Shopify app.
Teach: Show users what they actually want, how integration decisions affect the outcome of the Depict.ai product and why they don’t need to be afraid to use our product.
Learn: Deep product knowledge, who are the customers, what do they care about and what are they afraid about.
Improve: Customer experience, Depict.ai should be seen as incredibly legitimate, reliable and if there’s any kind of customization or worry that you have, we’ll fix it.

We expect you to know:

  • JavaScript, CSS and HTML
  • React.js and Node.js
  • Python
  • Docker and Kubernetes
  • Google Cloud Platform / AWS

Within 1 month:

  • Learn the way we integrate to our customers, scrape their sites, sell to them and run A/B-tests.
  • Cleaning up our code for some of our customer integrations
  • Start building a very basic Shopify app
  • Communicate with all our existing customers to introduce yourself understand their needs and pain points
  • Set up all A/B-tests for new customers

Within 3 months:

  • Be the primary source of contact for all our customers
  • Make sure that there are no fires or unhappy customers
  • Fine-tuning the technical onboarding process to be as efficient as possible
  • Relatively often be on call with enterprise customers to hear about their needs
  • Improve our self-serve Shopify App with 1000’s of customers
  • Improve our sales automation software

Within 6 months:

  • Build processes to support much higher amount of JavaScript integrations, A/B-tests and customers
  • Refining software to make as much as possible self-serve
  • Start recruiting people to be able to support more customers

Within 12 months:

  • Manage 1-5 people who are responsible for customer support, integrations and custom functionalities for the enterprise
  • Own parts of our product, more as a product manager
  • Start exploring ways to increase our product offering and upsell customers to not only show product recommendations on e-commerce product pages

Our selection process is continuous and we may move forward with candidates on an ongoing basis. If you have any further questions about the role, please contact oliver@depict.ai.

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