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The short version ⏳

We need someone who we can count on to:

Own: Deployments into new customers, including customized self-contained JavaScript plugins, scrapers and configurations for our Machine Learning algorithms.

Teach: How to build tooling and processes that ensure the best possible maintainability, deployment times, and latency.

Learn: How to hack into popular SPA-frameworks, architect integrations resilient to minor style changes, optimize loading speeds, and configure Machine Learning algorithms to function in their best environment.

Improve: Efficiency and robustness of integrations operating inside evolving environments.

The role 🏗️

What you will be building:

Self-contained JavaScript plugins that add Depict.ai's AI-functionality to e-commerce websites, scraping infrastructure, and data processing pipelines to ensure high quality data is flowing into our Machine Learning algorithms.

We expect you to know:

  • JavaScript (TypeScript), CSS and HTML
  • Python

Nice to have

  • Tracking and analytics
  • Node.js
  • Cloud computing (AWS, GCP or Azure)
  • Puppeteer
  • Kubernetes

Within 1 month we expect you to:

  • Understand the ins and outs of why we're approaching our integrations as we do.
  • Have talked with existing clients to understand their pain points.
  • Read the book "Third Party JavaScript", https://www.manning.com/books/third-party-javascript
  • Get to know our existing Deployment Engineer's and how they're using our framework at the moment.
  • Build out 3-5 integrations yourself to get a sense of how our existing frameworks work.

Within 3 months we expect you to:

  • Iteratively make data pipelines faster and more efficient.
  • Contribute to a functional low-code point-and-click interface that sets up tracking and analytics automatically for most sites (~80-90% coverage).
  • Contribute to a functional low-code WYSIWYG-interface where one can reliably style and inject widgets into almost any site (~80-90% coverage).
  • Make major improvements on top of existing framework that scrape high amounts of e-commerce data every day from multiple sites. Highly resilient against anti-bot and style changes.
  • Contribute to framework for visual automated tests that can verify that our integrations are working as expected.

Within 6 months we expect you to:

  • Develop framework to support a higher variety of widget types and functionality (search, category listing, pop ups, e.t.c).
  • Increased efficiency of internal tools to sustain a low amount of deployment engineers while exponentially increasing the amount of customers joining our platform.
  • Refine software to make as much as possible towards self-serve.

Within 12 months we expect you to:

  • Build out sufficient amount of tooling and support to be able to provide a no-code self-serve solution to integrate with Depict.ai, agnostic to which e-commerce platform it's using.
  • Start exploring ways to increase our product offering and upsell customers to not only show product recommendations on e-commerce pages.

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