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As Head of Sales you’ll take charge and start building our sales team. You’ll also have some experience explaining a technical product and the ability to manage your time efficiently to juggle multiple priorities. Preferably you’ll also have some experience working in a fast paced startup environment.

We need someone who we can count on to:

Own: Closing deals, with everything from prospecting to the final signature and building a replicable sales machine. Teach: Best practices within B2B SaaS enterprise sales, how to organize a company and grow without too much growing pains. Learn: Everything that makes a customer buy Depict.ai, and how to scale that 100x. Improve: Sales process, structure, marketing and everything else that no one else does.

We expect you to:

  • Be willing to work on a US time zone if needed.
  • Have the ability to lead people.
  • Be extremely structured and organized.

Within 1 month:

  • Join founders on sales calls, learn what makes a customer buy Depict.ai and understand the current structure of our sales process.
  • Learn the specifics of an e-commerce business and what their problems are.
  • Set up a CRM and a structured way of prospecting and selling.
  • Set up OKR’s to optimize towards.
  • Close first deals very early.

Within 3 months:

  • Have an extremely refined, replicable and documented sales process.
  • Talking with major enterprise companies.
  • Upselling within large enterprise customer organizations.
  • Run large scale ads on Shopify's App Store, Google and Facebook.
  • Start hiring sales people and other roles to maintain larger scale.
  • Start building partnership relationships with other providers, agencies, consultants e.t.c.

Within 6 months:

  • Manage 1-5 sales people, among some are potentially remote.
  • Start large scale marketing efforts for inbound leads.
  • Make sure Depict.ai has all processes and materials to support selling to the enterprise.
  • Scale sales organization, start dividing salespeople into Sales Development Representatives, Account Executives e.t.c.
  • Hire people with the sole responsibility of building partnerships with other companies.

Our selection process is continuous and we may move forward with candidates on an ongoing basis. We might conduct ability tests and reference checks in this recruitment process. If you have any further questions about the role, please contact oliver@depict.ai.

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